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Why Aegis?

Professional, Comprehensive & Independent

What makes us different? At Aegis we believe that building trust and confidence through personal service is the way to provide real value to our clients. The Aegis team managing your retirement plan is comprised of seasoned professionals with vast experience and because we offer a comprehensive service, our clients have one number to call for any issue that may arise regarding their plan operations.

We are independent. We have no service or production obligations to any investment fund families or record-keeping providers. We do not receive any compensation that is not fully disclosed. Our sole goal is simply to find the best products for the plan sponsors and participants we work for and who rely on our judgement with no proprietary strings attached.

At Aegis we are your partner, here to guide, advise and administer on all aspects of your company’s retirement plan.


Plan Consulting

Aegis delivers ongoing retirement plan consulting solutions for our clients. For companies who demand flexible “ERISA compliant” solutions that ensure the security of their employees’ retirements, Aegis is ready to help. Aegis delivers consulting expertise for defined contribution and defined benefit plan sponsors of for-profit corporations and partnerships as well as non-profit 501(c)3 organizations alike. Aegis also provides consulting services for your non-qualified executive benefit plans.

Plan Administration

The Aegis administration model is unique in that we assign one retirement plan expert to handle all of the services our clients need. One phone call will connect you with your specific Aegis team representative who will answer any technical or administrative questions you may have. This translates into efficiency, reliability and a level of accountability usually missing when it comes to working with large TPA or Full-Service administration firms. Your company can count on Aegis to deliver the right information with no delays which leads to fewer disruptions for your employees.

Plan Design

Our goal is to design a customized retirement plan solution that addresses the specific goals and objectives of your company or organization. The Aegis team has experience with all forms of “qualified” and “non-qualified” plans and will work with you to deliver a plan that provides the greatest value for your employees.  From defined contribution 401(k)’s & 403(b)’s to customized “new-comp” designs, from defined benefit pension plans to cash balance solutions, you can count on Aegis to help you design a solution that fits your unique needs.

Plan Compliance

Aegis is dedicated to ensuring that your qualified retirement plan remains in compliance with current IRS and DOL legislation. We will prepare ongoing plan amendments in a timely manner and ensure ongoing administration is accurate and compliant. Through ongoing communications, we will keep you and your staff up to date on any changes that might impact your plan.

Plan and Advisor Benchmarking

As an Aegis client, you will always have a clear understanding of the costs associated with operating your retirement plan. On an annual basis we provide our clients with a fee benchmarking report to ensure that plan fees remain reasonable based on the services being received and fully disclosed in compliance with ERISA 408(b)2. We will also provide annual investment advisory fee benchmarking reports so our clients know their participants are benefitting from a competitively priced service model. This allows you to see how your plan compares with others of a similar size or type. In addition, benchmarking can often allow companies to reduce the costs of their plan, reduce their fiduciary exposure and improve the plan’s offerings to employees.

Plan Communication & Education

For Aegis, communication with you and your employees regarding the company’s plan is a top priority. Customized to explain the key features of your unique plan, our goal is to effectively communicate everything employees need to know from investment and retirement basics to the development of a comprehensive retirement income plan. One principal benefit of these Aegis educational meetings is that your employees will leave with a clear understanding of how to accumulate appropriate income replacement levels for their retirement. Aegis delivers employee education in group as well as individual one on one sessions. The very best plan design in the world is useless if your employees don’t know how to plan and invest for a comfortable retirement.

Investment Advisory Support

Our team’s investment advisory services are perfectly aligned with the goals and objectives of the plan sponsors and plan participants we protect. As a participating member of your investment committee, we serve as ERISA (3)21 fiduciaries, to guide and help you maintain a procedurally prudent process. We will create customized investment policies to assist the committee in the selection and ongoing monitoring of the plan’s investments. We will develop an investment policy statement to outline the procedures and responsibilities of all committee members and document the ongoing workflow process.

There are no guarantees when it comes to investment success but by helping you create and maintain prudent monitoring policies we will help you become responsible stewards for your employee’s retirement savings.

About Us

ae·gis /ējis/ noun: aegis – The protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization.

In one word, the name Aegis represents everything this company stands for. Together for more than 17 years, Kevin Haskell and Douglas Norberg have always worked to protect and support their clients and their client’s employees. Serving as trusted advisors, administrators, back-offices and retirement educators, Kevin and Douglas each place a high value on education, continually working to stay abreast of the latest technologies and regulations that affect our industry. They have a crystal clear vision about how to provide valuable service and support for their clients and are ethical practitioners who work hard every day to earn their trust.

Management Team

We believe that building trust and confidence is the earmark of our business. Our sole goal is to find the best fit for each client and to continually meet and exceed their expectations. We are ethical practitioners who will work tirelessly every day to earn and maintain the trust our clients and their employees place in us.

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